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What is Vabble?

Vabble (VAB) is a cryptocurrency that powers a decentralized streaming service, allowing users to rent content via a peer-to-peer payment model. The token enables users to earn, send, receive, and buy it from exchanges, facilitating a social streaming experience with features like co-watching, friend lists, and NFT-based content access.

How is Vabble used?

Vabble (VAB) is the native utility token of the Vabble ecosystem, a decentralized streaming service that leverages blockchain technology to empower filmmakers, studios, and consumers. Here are some key ways VAB is used:

  1. Content Distribution and Monetization: VAB allows filmmakers to retain full control over the distribution and monetization of their content. Creators can set their own prices, customize backend percentage distribution, and manage regional availability.

  2. Automated Payout System: VAB enables an automated payout system, where filmmakers can allocate a percentage of their earnings to be distributed among their cast and crew.

  3. Social Streaming Features: VAB supports social streaming features, such as video and text chat, allowing users to stream content with friends and engage in a more interactive and communal environment.

  1. NFT Integration: VAB is used to unlock content and provide exclusive experiences for fans through NFTs.

  2. Governance and Auditing: The Vabble ecosystem is supported by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that oversees governance, content distribution, and auditing processes. VAB token holders participate in collective voting to make decisions.

  3. Earning and Rewards: Users can earn VAB by watching content, inviting friends, and co-watching. They can also receive VAB bonuses for seeing advertisements while using the platform.

  1. Payment for Services: VAB can be used to pay for memberships and content rentals on the platform.

Overall, VAB is the central token that powers the Vabble ecosystem, facilitating a decentralized and transparent platform for filmmakers and viewers alike.

How do I store Vabble?

To store Vabble (VAB) tokens, you can use a reliable cryptocurrency wallet that supports the Ethereum network. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download a Trust Wallet: You can download the Trust Wallet via Google Chrome extension or the mobile app from the official Trust Wallet website. Ensure you are downloading the official version to avoid scams.

  2. Set up Your Wallet: Register and set up your Trust Wallet using the wallet's support page for reference. Keep your seed phrase safe and note your wallet address, which you will use later.

  3. Buy ETH: Purchase Ethereum (ETH) as your base currency. You can do this through a centralized exchange like Binance.

  1. Transfer ETH to Your Wallet: Withdraw the ETH from Binance to your Trust Wallet by filling in the required information, including your wallet address and the amount you want to transfer.

  2. Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Select a DEX that supports your wallet, such as 1inch. Connect your Trust Wallet to the DEX using your wallet address.

  3. Trade ETH for VAB: Use your ETH to acquire VAB tokens on the DEX. Select ETH as the payment and VAB as the coin you want to acquire.

  1. Store Your VAB Tokens: Once you have acquired VAB tokens, they will be stored in your Trust Wallet. Ensure you keep your wallet secure and up to date to protect your tokens.

By following these steps, you can safely store your Vabble (VAB) tokens in a Trust Wallet.

How to buy Vabble?

To buy Vabble (VAB) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Crypto Exchange: Select a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that supports VAB trading. You can find a list of exchanges where VAB is available on websites like BitScreener,, or CoinScan.

  2. Create an Account: Sign up for an account on the chosen exchange. This typically involves providing personal information and verifying your identity.

  3. Deposit Base Currency: Deposit a base currency, such as USDT, USDC, or MATIC, into your exchange account. This currency will be used to trade for VAB tokens.

  1. Buy VAB Tokens: Use your deposited base currency to purchase VAB tokens on the exchange. You can find the current market rates and trading pairs on the exchange's platform.

  2. Transfer to Wallet: Once you have purchased VAB tokens, transfer them to a compatible wallet to store and manage your tokens securely.

Remember to always follow the specific guidelines and instructions provided by the exchange and wallet services you use.

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History of Vabble

Vabble (VAB) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2021 and operates on the Ethereum platform.

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How Vabble works

Vabble (VAB) is a cryptocurrency designed to power a decentralized streaming service that allows users to stream films and content from various creators, including indie filmmakers and community projects. Here's how it works:

Token Overview

VAB is the native utility token of Vabble, which is used to facilitate transactions and interactions within the ecosystem. Users can earn VAB by engaging with the platform, such as watching content, inviting friends, and participating in co-watching activities. The token can also be bought from exchanges or sent and received by users.

Streaming Service

Vabble offers a unique streaming experience where users can watch content for free or via pay-per-view. The platform supports both decentralized and traditional payment methods, including VAB, USDT, USDC, and MATIC. Users can rent content peer-to-peer, and some content might be free if they hold specific NFTs from projects or communities that released content on Vabble.

NFT Integration

Vabble incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enhance the user experience. Users can use NFTs they own or discover new collections to watch content or films for free. This integration adds a new layer of engagement and rewards for users who participate in the ecosystem.

Social Features

The platform includes social features such as video and text chat, allowing users to connect with friends and community members while streaming. Users can create group DMs or chat one-on-one to plan movie nights or discuss content. The service adapts to user interactions, preferences, and spending habits, providing a personalized experience.

Earning VAB Rewards

Users can earn VAB rewards by watching content, inviting friends, and co-watching. Additionally, users receive a VAB bonus for seeing advertisements while using the platform. This incentivizes users to engage with the platform and its content creators.

Community and Governance

Vabble is a community-run project that encourages collaboration and open-source contributions. Users can engage in conversations with the community, contribute to the project, and follow updates and insights from the developers.

Trading and Market

VAB tokens can be traded on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap V2, where the most active trading pair is VAB/WETH. The token's price is calculated in real-time by aggregating data across exchanges and markets. The market capitalization and fully diluted valuation of VAB are tracked and compared to its peers in the cryptocurrency market.

Overall, Vabble (VAB) is a cryptocurrency that powers a unique streaming service that combines decentralized technology, NFTs, and social features to create an engaging and rewarding experience for users.

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Vabble's strengths

The token Vabble (VAB) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Decentralized Streaming Platform: Vabble is a revolutionary Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming service that integrates blockchain technology, providing a decentralized and transparent platform for filmmakers and studios. This model ensures that every view, rental, and dollar earned is tracked in real-time, giving creators full control over distribution and monetization.

  2. Empowering Creators: Vabble allows filmmakers to retain 100% of their rental revenues, a significant improvement over traditional models where studios often lose a substantial portion of their earnings to distribution fees and other costs. This empowers creators to align their distribution strategies with their creative visions and business goals.

  3. Automated Payout System: The platform features an automated payout system, which allows filmmakers to allocate a percentage of their earnings to be distributed automatically among their cast and crew. This streamlines the financial management process and ensures that all contributors are fairly compensated for their work.

  1. Social Streaming Features: Vabble incorporates social streaming features that enhance the viewing experience. Users can stream content with friends via video and text chat, creating a more interactive and communal environment akin to watching films together in person.

  2. NFT Integration: The platform leverages NFTs to unlock content and provide exclusive experiences for fans, further enriching the user experience and offering new monetization avenues for filmmakers.

  3. Community-Driven Governance: The Vabble ecosystem is supported by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that oversees the platform's governance, content distribution, and auditing processes. This structure ensures that all operations are transparent and community-driven, with decisions made through collective voting by VAB token holders and other stakeholders.

  1. Potential for Growth: According to price predictions, Vabble is expected to rise by 228.04% and reach $0.019029 by July 18, 2024, indicating a strong potential for growth.

These strengths position Vabble as a promising investment opportunity in the cryptocurrency market, offering a unique blend of decentralized streaming, creator empowerment, and community-driven governance.

Vabble's risks

Vabble (VAB) is a cryptocurrency project that operates in the trade finance sector, focusing on connecting institutional investors to emerging market exporters with high-quality receivables. The financial risks associated with VAB primarily revolve around digital ad fraud, which is a significant concern for marketers and brands. This fraud can result in substantial financial losses, estimated to have cost brands $84 billion globally in the previous year.

Additionally, VAB's risk score indicates that it is a relatively high-risk investment, which may deter investors primarily concerned with risk assessment. The project's model, however, aims to mitigate these risks by ensuring campaign transparency and providing liquidity to emerging markets export companies through the purchase of high-quality receivables.

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Did Vabble raise funds?

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Vabble's ecosystem

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Vabble’s team

  • Pablo Terpolilli: Founder and CEO of Vabble, with a background in banking and extensive experience in emerging markets.
  • Simon Knowles: Partner and Head of Technology, with over 20 years of experience in building and scaling in-house applications and external web platforms for the asset management industry.
  • Derek Hudson: Director and Chief Commercial Officer, a trilingual international banker with extensive experience in the Latin and North American marketplace.
  • Francesco Baldanza: Director and Strategic Investor.
  • Colleen Connors: Strategy and Operations.
  • Ricardo Tamborini: Lead DevOps Architect, with over 25 years of experience in development, commercial management applications, digital cadastre, e-learning, and business intelligence.
  • Alejandro Anzivino: Audit and Risk, a bilingual advisor experienced in working with international financial institutions, KYC, CDD, and AML expert for onboarding process and compliance risk assessments.
  • Macarena Gonzalez Hopff: Lead Graphic Design, a freelance graphic designer and letterpress printer.
  • Edoardo Levy: Strategic Investor, entrepreneur, advisor, and investor in fintech and technologies that are changing the tomorrow.
  • Pablo Melhem: Legal Counsel, a partner at GFM law firm in Argentina, specializing in corporate law, M&A, and international transactions.
  • Valentina Barbagelatta: Analyst System Development, a computer engineering student actively participating in the development of Vabble’s platform.

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