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What is Vectorspace AI?

Vectorspace AI (VXV) is a blockchain-based, Ethereum-ERC20 cryptocurrency that leverages advanced algorithms and data analysis to provide valuable insights and predictions in various industries. It operates as a decentralized platform, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions and offering AI-driven solutions for data analysis and decision-making processes. The VXV token is used to pay for services on the platform and bridges the gap between NLP/ML/AI, crypto, data, and hedge funds.

How is Vectorspace AI used?

Vectorspace AI (VXV) is a utility token that plays a central role in the Vectorspace AI platform, which combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology with blockchain technology. The token is used for various purposes within the platform, including:

  1. Payment for Services: VXV tokens are used to pay for services on the Vectorspace AI platform, which provides AI-driven datasets and tools for professionals.

  2. Dataset Distribution: The token is used to access and distribute datasets. Users can purchase datasets using VXV tokens, and the token's wallet address serves as an API key for dataset distribution.

  3. Machine-to-Machine Transactions: VXV tokens are used for machine-to-machine transactions within a specialized exchange for datasets, where datasets are bought and sold similar to a crypto or stock exchange.

  1. On-Chain Data Provenance: The VXV token tracks all changes to datasets, ensuring immutable ownership and provenance, which is critical for data security and governance.

  2. Retail Subscriptions: Users can access thematic baskets and smart baskets for stocks and cryptos using VXV tokens.

  3. Wrapped Asset Trading: Optionally, the VXV wallet can be enabled as a wrapped asset that can be traded on a separate exchange.

Overall, the value of datasets on the platform is directly tied to the VXV token, making it a crucial component of the Vectorspace AI ecosystem.

How do I store Vectorspace AI?

To store Vectorspace AI (VXV) tokens, you can use various wallets that support the token. Here are some options:

  1. MyEtherWallet (MEW): You can view and manage your VXV tokens in MEW by selecting your wallet and choosing the VXV token from the tokens list.

  2. Wallet: This popular DeFi wallet allows you to store, exchange, and buy various tokens, including VXV.

  3. Hardware Wallet: For added security, you can use a hardware wallet that connects to your laptop via a USB port. Simply send your tokens to the wallet address for Ethereum.

  1. Atomic Wallet: This multi-asset wallet supports over 1000 coins and tokens, including VXV. It offers features like private key encryption, 24/7 support, and no registration or KYC requirements.

  2. Trust Wallet: You can add VXV tokens to Trust Wallet by launching the app, navigating to the main wallet screen, and tapping 'Receive'.

These wallets provide different levels of security and convenience, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

How to buy Vectorspace AI?

To buy Vectorspace AI (VXV) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Exchange: Find a reliable centralized exchange (CEX) or decentralized exchange (DEX) where VXV is listed. You can refer to Coinmarketcap or websites like KuCoin, Uniswap, or ProBit Global for a list of exchanges that support VXV.

  2. Create a Wallet: Set up a DeFi wallet like Trust Wallet, which supports the blockchain where VXV operates. Ensure you download the official Chrome extension or mobile app and keep your seed phrase safe.

  3. Fund Your Wallet: Buy a base currency like ETH and transfer it to your wallet. You can use Binance to purchase ETH and then withdraw it to your wallet.

  1. Connect to a DEX: Choose a DEX that supports your wallet and VXV. Connect your wallet to the DEX using your wallet address.

  2. Trade for VXV: Select ETH as the payment and VXV as the coin you want to acquire. If VXV doesn't appear, find its smart contract address on Etherscan and paste it into the DEX.

  3. Confirm the Swap: Once you've set up the trade, click the Swap button to complete the transaction.

Alternatively, you can use a CEX like Coinbase, where you can create an account, fund it with fiat currency, and then purchase VXV directly.

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History of Vectorspace AI

Vectorspace AI (VXV) is a blockchain-based machine learning cryptocurrency that focuses on data-driven innovation, particularly in the field of space bioscience. The project was founded by Kasian Franks, a Silicon Valley veteran with 25 years of experience in digital data streaming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Franks, along with co-founders Mike Muldoon and Caleb Pate, developed the project's core technology at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where they worked on patent-protected natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) systems.

The project's native token, VXV, is used as a global public trading vehicle, bridging the gap between NLP/ML/AI, crypto, data, and hedge funds. Users can take long-term positions in VXV to control the value of the token, and the platform allows for the purchase of blocks of VXV to access proprietary datasets.

Vectorspace AI has seen significant price movements over time. In 2021, the token's price skyrocketed 2,267% to a record high of $19.47 before experiencing a significant pullback alongside the broader crypto market. The token's price has continued to fluctuate, with recent prices ranging from $0.45 to $0.47 per VXV.

The project has partnered with several prominent institutions, including, the United States Department of Energy, the National Library of Medicine, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, and CERN. These partnerships have helped Vectorspace AI develop high-value correlation matrix datasets that accelerate data-driven innovation and discoveries for researchers.

In terms of security, Vectorspace AI uses the ERC20 blockchain to ensure immutability, provenance, lineage, and governance for its datasets. The project's token is traded daily, indicating a level of security and reliability within the crypto community.

Overall, Vectorspace AI has established itself as a unique project in the cryptocurrency space, leveraging its expertise in AI and data analysis to provide valuable tools for researchers and innovators.

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How Vectorspace AI works

Vectorspace AI (VXV) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to facilitate the distribution and management of datasets, which are essential for machine learning and artificial intelligence operations. Here's how it works:

Token Purpose and Usage

The VXV token serves multiple purposes:

  1. Subscription Payments: Customers can use VXV to pay for subscriptions to access Vectorspace AI's services, including datasets and data analytics tools. Alternatively, they can pay with USD, ETH, or BTC.

  2. API Key: The VXV token wallet address functions as an API key, allowing seamless access to datasets and ensuring the highest level of data integrity and transparency.

  3. Data Provenance Pipeline: The token is used to track the origin, source, and computations performed on datasets, ensuring data integrity and facilitating troubleshooting.

Key Features
  1. Data-Centric Platform: Vectorspace AI is built around datasets, which are the core of AI and ML operations. It provides a platform for data indexing, classification, and distribution.

  2. Blockchain Integration: By leveraging blockchain technology, Vectorspace AI ensures data lineage, provenance, governance, validation, and security. This ensures that data is tamper-proof and transparent.

  3. Machine-to-Machine Transactions: VXV enables machine-to-machine transactions within a specialized exchange for datasets, allowing for efficient data trading.

  1. Retail Subscriptions: Users can access thematic baskets and smart baskets for stocks and cryptos through retail subscriptions.
Token Management and Buybacks

Vectorspace AI plans to accumulate VXV tokens through buybacks, with 50% of revenue allocated for this purpose. This strategy helps control the token's float and reduces market uncertainty.

Unique Value Proposition

Vectorspace AI stands out in the crypto market due to its focus on AI and ML, as well as its innovative approach to data management and distribution. The token's value is directly tied to the value of the datasets it manages, making it a unique investment opportunity.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Vectorspace AI has partnerships with prominent data providers such as S&P Global Market Intelligence, Bloomberg, Neudata, CloudQuant, and Microsoft Azure, further enhancing its value proposition.

Overall, Vectorspace AI (VXV) offers a robust platform for data management and AI/ML operations, making it an attractive option for investors interested in the future of data and artificial intelligence.

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Vectorspace AI's strengths

The token Vectorspace AI (VXV) has several strengths that contribute to its value and potential:

  1. Utility Token: VXV tokens serve as utility tokens, granting access to Vector Space AI's datasets and services. This utility creates intrinsic value for the token, as users need VXV to utilize the platform's core services effectively.

  2. Revenue Distribution: A significant aspect of VXV's tokenomics is the use of 50% of the platform’s revenue to purchase VXV tokens on the open market. This practice not only boosts the token's liquidity but also creates continuous demand, positively impacting its market value.

  3. Staking and Governance: Users can engage with VXV through staking or participating in governance decisions, which further integrates them into the Vectorspace AI ecosystem. This involvement ensures that token holders have a say in key decisions and developments within the platform.

  1. Market-Driven Value: The value of VXV is market-driven and largely dependent on its utility within the platform. As Vectorspace AI continues to evolve and expand its capabilities, the demand for VXV tokens is likely to fluctuate based on how users perceive its utility and potential for future growth.

  2. Unique Technology: Vectorspace AI leverages blockchain for on-chain data lineage, provenance, governance, validation, and security. This innovative use of AI and blockchain technology provides a competitive edge in the market.

  3. Experienced Team: The team behind Vector Space AI has deep expertise in AI, machine learning, and natural language understanding. This expertise is critical in developing and refining the platform's unique technology and services.

  1. Strategic Partnerships: Vector Space AI has partnerships with large institutions and leading research organizations, providing a solid foundation for growth and adoption.

  2. Potential to Generate Alpha: The platform's ability to generate alpha and solve data quality issues attracts the attention of hedge funds and financial institutions, which can drive demand for VXV tokens.

These strengths collectively contribute to the potential value and growth of the VXV token.

Vectorspace AI's risks

Vectorspace AI (VXV) is considered a high-risk investment due to its market volatility and potential for manipulation. The risk gauge rank for VXV indicates that it is currently a high-risk investment, with a score that gauges how much the token can be manipulated by analyzing the money required to shift its price over the last 24 hours, along with recent changes in volume and market cap. This means that traders focused on risk assessment should exercise caution when investing in VXV.

Additionally, the token's price could drop significantly if the M0 crypto market share drops to 8%, which highlights the potential for significant losses if market conditions deteriorate. Overall, the high risk associated with VXV makes it essential for investors to carefully evaluate their investment decisions and consider the potential risks involved.

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Did Vectorspace AI raise funds?

Vectorspace AI
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Vectorspace AI’s team

  • Kasian Franks: CEO and Co-Founder, experienced in the data industry, with a background in AI and big data, and has been involved in interviews and public appearances discussing the project.

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