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What is Veno Finance?

Veno Finance (VNO) is a cryptocurrency launched in 2022, operating on the Cronos platform. It is the native token of the Veno Finance protocol, which offers liquid staking services for various cryptocurrencies such as CRO, ATOM, ETH, and TIA. VNO has multiple use cases, including rewards participation and boost farming, and is supported by multiple ecosystems across blockchain networks.

How is Veno Finance used?

Veno Finance (VNO) is a cryptocurrency token used in a liquid staking protocol. It has several use cases, primarily focused on staking and liquidity provision. Here are the key ways VNO is utilized:

  1. Staking and Rewards: Users can stake VNO to earn rewards and participate in the ecosystem. This includes locking VNO in the Fountain to earn additional yields and in the Reservoir to receive real WCRO rewards.

  2. Boosting Farming: VNO can be used to boost farming and rewards participation. Users can deposit and lock VNO in different vaults to earn more yields.

  3. Governance: VNO serves as the governance token for Veno Finance, allowing holders to participate in decision-making processes across the Cronos blockchain.

  1. Liquidity Provision: VNO is used to provide liquidity across the Veno Finance platform, ensuring seamless transactions and trading.

  2. Ecosystem Support: VNO supports multiple ecosystems across blockchain networks, including Cronos, CosmosHub, and Ethereum.

Overall, VNO is designed to provide users with a secure and decentralized platform for staking, farming, and liquidity management, while also offering governance and ecosystem support.

How do I store Veno Finance?

To store Veno Finance (VNO) tokens, you have several options based on your needs and preferences. Here are the methods:

Store on an Exchange

Holding your VNO on an exchange provides convenient access to various investment products and features like spot and futures trading, staking, and lending. The exchange will securely hold your funds, but make sure to select an exchange with strict security measures to ensure your assets are safe.

Non-Custodial Wallets

For enhanced security, you can withdraw your VNO to a non-custodial wallet. This grants you complete control over your private keys. You can use hardware wallets, Web3 wallets, or paper wallets. However, this option may be less convenient for frequent trading or putting your assets to work. Be sure to store your private keys securely, as losing them can result in permanent loss of your VNO.

Cold Wallets

Cold wallets are offline wallets that provide the safest way to store your coins or tokens. They are completely offline, ensuring maximum security.

How to buy Veno Finance?

To buy Veno Finance (VNO) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Centralized Exchange (CEX): Select a reliable and trustworthy crypto exchange that supports Veno Finance (VNO) purchases. Consider the ease of use, fee structure, and supported payment methods when choosing a crypto exchange.

  2. Create an Account: Enter the required information and set a secure password. Enable 2FA using Google Authenticator and other security settings to add an extra layer of security to your account.

  3. Verify Your Identity: Complete KYC verification, which may require information based on your nationality and region. This step will grant you access to more features and services on the platform.

  1. Add a Payment Method: Follow the exchange's instructions to add a credit/debit card, bank account, or other supported payment method. The required information may vary depending on your bank's security requirements.

  2. Buy Veno Finance (VNO): Use fiat currency if supported, or purchase a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for VNO.

Additionally, you can also use crypto wallets like KuCoin Wallet or MetaMask to buy and store VNO, or use decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap for trustless crypto swapping.

Veno Finance
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History of Veno Finance

Veno Finance (VNO) is a cryptocurrency that has a history of price movements and market trends. The price history of VNO can be viewed by date range, showing open and close prices, trading volume, and market capitalization.

The current market capitalization of Veno Finance is $50.62 million, indicating that the asset is valued by the market. The circulating supply of VNO is 480.69 million, with a max supply of 1.85 billion.

In terms of trading activity, VNO has seen a 24-hour trading volume of $36.08 thousand, with a change of -0.75% over the past 24 hours. The current price of VNO is $0.11.

Veno Finance has a ranking of 703 among all known cryptocurrency assets, indicating its relative popularity based on market capitalization.

The token is part of a liquid staking protocol where users can stake their CRO and receive the auto-compounding, yield-bearing receipt token LCRO. VNO, the native token, has use cases such as rewards participation and boost farming.

Veno Finance
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How Veno Finance works

Veno Finance (VNO) is a cryptocurrency built on the Cronos Ecosystem, offering a liquid staking protocol with several use cases. Here's how it works:

Staking and Liquidity
  • Staking: Users can stake various tokens such as CRO, ATOM, ETH, and TIA on Veno Finance to earn rewards from validators on different networks. For example, staking CRO on Cronos POS earns rewards from Cronos POS validators, while staking ATOM on Cronos earns rewards from CosmosHub validators.

  • Liquidity: When users stake their tokens, they receive liquid tokens in return, which can be used across partner protocols to earn additional rewards. This liquidity allows users to access various DeFi services while still earning rewards from their staked tokens.

Unstaking and Rewards
  • Unstaking: Users can unstake their tokens and redeem them along with accrued rewards. During the unbonding period, users receive a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be exchanged for their tokens once the unbonding period ends.

  • Rewards: The protocol token VNO provides ecosystem support and rewards users for participating in the ecosystem. Users can earn additional yields by locking VNO in different vaults, such as the Reservoir and the Fountain, for specific durations.

Security and Governance
  • Security: Veno Finance is backed by enterprise-grade staking infrastructure, ensuring high performance and security while keeping costs low. The protocol uses decentralized and secure technology, including secure smart contracts and a user-friendly interface.

  • Governance: VNO serves as the governance token, allowing users to participate in decision-making processes within the Veno Finance ecosystem.

Vaults and Locking
  • Vaults: Veno Finance has two main vaults: the Reservoir and the Fountain. Users can deposit VNO into these vaults to earn additional yields. The Reservoir provides real WCRO rewards, while the Fountain offers extra VNO rewards.

  • Locking: Users can lock VNO for specific durations (3 months, 12 months, 48 months, or 96 months) to earn rewards and incentives. The longer the lock duration, the higher the rewards.

Strategies and APY
  • Strategies: Veno Finance offers strategies that allow users to deploy their funds across the ecosystem with a single click. These strategies, such as the CRO Liquidity Strategy, maximize yields by investing in multiple avenues and automatically harvesting rewards.

  • APY: The strategy APY includes all staking rewards, swap fees, and VNO Garden rewards. However, not all of these rewards are immediately accessible, so Veno also displays the Immediate APY, which tracks earnings available for immediate withdrawal.

Buying and Trading
  • Buying: VNO can be purchased directly through a crypto wallet or on a centralized exchange. Users can buy VNO using fiat currency or by exchanging other cryptocurrencies like USDT.

  • Trading: VNO can be traded on various exchanges, and its price is subject to market volatility.

Overall, Veno Finance provides a comprehensive platform for users to stake, earn rewards, and participate in the governance of the ecosystem while ensuring security and liquidity.

Veno Finance
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Veno Finance's strengths

The token Veno Finance (VNO) has several strengths:

  • Ecosystem Support: VNO is supported by multiple ecosystems across blockchain networks, ensuring its utility and relevance in various contexts.
  • Decentralized and Secure Technology: VNO uses decentralized and secure technology, providing users with a secure trading platform and managing tokens effectively. This includes secure smart contract functionality and a user-friendly interface.
  • Staking and Liquidity Provision: VNO allows users to access the features of the Veno Finance Platform, such as staking and liquidity provision, and rewards users for participating in the ecosystem.
  • Flexibility in Lock Durations: Users can lock VNO in the Reservoir and the Fountain for specific lock durations, which determine the proportion of rewards and incentives they will receive. The lock durations range from three months to 96 months.
  • Boosting Farming and Rewards Participation: VNO can be used to boost farming and rewards participation, offering users additional yields when deposited in different vaults.
  • Utility Across the Cronos System: VNO offers staking rewards across the Cronos Chain and other utility in the Reservoir, the Fountain, and Veno Garden, providing users with a range of benefits.
  • High Potential Finance and Staking Coin: VNO is considered a high potential finance and staking coin, with a relatively high rising value and increased demand.

These strengths highlight the versatility and utility of VNO within the Veno Finance ecosystem.

Veno Finance's risks

Veno Finance (VNO) is a cryptocurrency project that operates as a liquid staking protocol. It is built on the Cronos Ecosystem and offers users the ability to stake various tokens, including CRO, ATOM, ETH, and TIA, to earn rewards and additional DeFi incentives. The protocol token, VNO, is used for governance and provides ecosystem support across multiple blockchain networks.

Financial Risks

Veno Finance faces several financial risks, including:

  1. Market Volatility: The value of VNO can fluctuate significantly due to market conditions, which may result in losses for investors.
  2. Regulatory Uncertainty: The project is subject to regulatory actions and changes in government policies, which can negatively impact its performance.
  3. Liquidity Risks: A collapse in liquidity for virtual assets can lead to significant losses for users.
  4. Counterparty Risk: The protocol is exposed to risks associated with counterparties, including the possibility of default or non-performance.
  5. Smart Contract Risks: Faults, defects, or hacks in the smart contracts can result in losses or disruptions to the platform.
  6. Private Key Loss: Users risk losing their private keys, which can lead to the loss of their virtual assets.

These risks highlight the importance of careful consideration and thorough research before investing in Veno Finance (VNO).

Veno Finance
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Did Veno Finance raise funds?

Veno Finance
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Veno Finance's ecosystem

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Veno Finance
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Veno Finance’s team

  • Veno Finance Team: The team behind Veno Finance has years of expertise in running proof of stake validators on top-notch infrastructure, aiming to mitigate the risk of illiquid positions through the use of liquid tokens.

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