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What is Verus Coin?

Verus Coin (VRSC) is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency that utilizes zero-knowledge technology and offers Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS). It features a unique consensus algorithm called Proof of Power, which combines 50% PoW and 50% PoS to enhance security and resistance to 51% hash attacks. VRSC is used for various purposes, including payments, staking, blockchain creation, token creation, and DeFi reserves. The project is known for its fair launch, with no ICO or premine, and aims to make blockchain technology more accessible to users.

How is Verus Coin used?

Verus Coin (VRSC) is the native cryptocurrency of the Verus blockchain. It has several key uses within the Verus ecosystem:

  • Payments: VRSC is used for fast, scalable, and final payments on the Verus network.
  • Staking: Anyone holding VRSC can participate in staking and earn rewards without any minimum requirements.
  • VerusID Creation: VRSC is used to pay for the creation of VerusIDs, which are quantum-ready friendly crypto addresses that can be used to receive and send funds.
  • Blockchain and Token Creation: VRSC is required to create interoperable blockchains and tokens on the Verus network.
  • DeFi Reserves: VRSC is used as a reserve in DeFi tokens and currencies on the Verus mainchain.

These uses highlight the versatility and utility of VRSC within the Verus ecosystem.

How do I store Verus Coin?

To store Verus Coin (VRSC) tokens, you have several options:

  1. Exchanges' Wallets: You can store your VRSC on exchanges like Binance Wallet, but keep in mind that these are "hot wallets" and are always online, which makes them more vulnerable to hacking risks.

  2. Crypto Wallets: You can use crypto wallets like Trust Wallet, which are also online but generally safer than exchange wallets.

  3. Cold Wallets: For long-term storage and maximum security, consider using cold wallets. There are two types:

  • Paper Wallets: Generate public and private keys offline and store them on a piece of paper. This method is offline and secure.
  • Hardware Cold Wallets: Physical devices like USB drives that store your crypto addresses and keys. These are also offline and secure.
  1. Verus Desktop Wallet: You can also use the Verus Desktop Wallet, which supports Lite mode for VRSC and other coins. This wallet allows you to store and manage your VRSC tokens on your desktop.

  2. Verus Mobile Wallet: The Verus Mobile Wallet is another option for storing and managing VRSC tokens on your mobile device.

Remember to always follow best practices for securing your wallets and private keys to protect your VRSC tokens.

How to buy Verus Coin?

To buy Verus Coin (VRSC) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Crypto Wallet: Select a reliable crypto wallet that supports VRSC and is available in your region. Popular options include Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and TrustWallet. Download the wallet extension or app and set it up by creating an account and noting down the Secret Recovery Phrase or Seed Words.

  2. Buy a Base Currency: Choose a widely traded cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether (USDT) as your base currency. You can purchase this currency on a centralized exchange (CEX) or a decentralized exchange (DEX) using fiat currency. Ensure the exchange supports your preferred payment method and has low fees.

  3. Transfer Funds to Your Wallet: Withdraw your base currency from the exchange to your crypto wallet. Log in to your exchange account, provide your wallet address, and specify the amount to transfer.

  1. Select a Decentralized Exchange (DEX): Choose a DEX that supports your wallet and VRSC trading. Examples include Pancake Swap and AtomicDEX. Compare trading fees and liquidity before selecting a DEX.

  2. Buy Verus Coin (VRSC): Connect your wallet to the DEX and select VRSC from the available trading pairs. Enter the amount you want to trade and complete the transaction.

  3. Store Your VRSC: Once you have purchased VRSC, store it securely in your crypto wallet. You can also hold it on the exchange's wallet, but a personal wallet provides more control and security.

Remember to research each step thoroughly, be cautious of scams, and diversify your portfolio to minimize risks.

Verus Coin
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History of Verus Coin

Verus Coin (VRSC) is the native token of the Verus blockchain protocol, which aims to provide a free and open-source Layer 0/Layer 1 blockchain platform. The project was founded by a team led by Michael Toutonghi, a former vice president and technical fellow at Microsoft, who is known for his work on the .NET framework and other distributed computing and machine-learning projects.

Verus Coin was launched with a 100% fair launch, meaning there was no initial coin offering (ICO) or pre-mine. This approach ensured that the token distribution was transparent and community-driven. The token has a maximum supply of 83,540,184 VRSC, and its supply is regulated through a halving mechanism, which reduces the number of tokens released every two years to balance demand and supply.

The Verus blockchain protocol is designed to offer Public Blockchain as a Service (PBaaS) and focuses on privacy, safety, open participation, and unlimited scalability. It uses a hybrid consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Power (PoP), which combines elements of both Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to ensure the integrity and security of the network. This mechanism makes Verus one of the most double-spend-resistant public blockchain networks, capable of withstanding 51% hash attacks.

Verus Coin can be used for various purposes, including staking to earn mining rights, powering polls and votes using autochains, and trading on popular exchanges. The token's price is volatile and can fluctuate based on market conditions. The project's goal is to automate blockchain provisioning using Verus miners and stakers, making it a decentralized and community-driven platform.

Verus Coin
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How Verus Coin works

Verus Coin (VRSC) is an open-source, decentralized blockchain protocol that combines the strengths of both Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms. This unique approach, known as Proof of Power (PoP), ensures robust security against 51% hash attacks while maintaining a fair distribution of block rewards.

Key Features
  1. Accessibility: VerusCoin aims to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone by removing barriers to entry, fostering widespread adoption and driving innovation.

  2. Scalability: The protocol offers Public Blockchain as a Service (PBaaS), which enables practically unlimited scalability by simplifying the creation and maintenance of full-fledged cryptocurrencies.

  3. Security: The PoP consensus algorithm mitigates the theoretical weaknesses of traditional PoS systems, providing robust security against 51% hash attacks.

  1. Interoperability: VerusCoin aims to create a world where all blockchains can communicate with each other, promoting collaboration and synergy between different blockchain networks.

  2. Community-Driven: The project values the input and contributions of its community members, ensuring that the protocol aligns with the needs and aspirations of its users.

  3. Decentralized Economy: VerusCoin operates on a decentralized economy model where fees are distributed to miners and stakers, ensuring a fair and inclusive ecosystem.

Mining and Staking

VerusCoin is a minable cryptocurrency, allowing users to participate in the network's security and earn rewards. Mining requires computational power and specialized hardware. The combination of PoW and PoS ensures a fair distribution of block rewards and maintains the integrity of the blockchain.

VerusID and Verus Vault

VerusID provides digital identities, assets, and namespaces for any project, offering a self-sovereign, decentralized, or centralized identity system. The Verus Vault and VerusID Marketplace facilitate the creation and management of digital assets, including NFTs.

Interchain Protocol and Data Exchange

The Verus Interchain Protocol enables seamless exchange of value and data across blockchains and other systems. The Verus Data Exchange Format (VDXF) simplifies the definition and publication of verifiable data structures across blockchains and other systems.

Payments and DeFi

Verus offers fast, scalable, and final payments, which are essential for decentralized systems. Additionally, it provides instant liquidity for blockchain and token projects, facilitating lending and borrowing through DeFi services.


Verus prioritizes privacy by offering fully encrypted zero-knowledge private transactions, ensuring that users' financial transactions remain secure and private.

Overall, Verus Coin is designed to provide a scalable, secure, and decentralized platform for creators and organizations to build innovative products and services, while also offering a range of features that cater to the needs of users and developers.

Verus Coin
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Verus Coin's strengths

The token Verus Coin (VRSC) has several strengths that contribute to its potential success and value:

  1. Multichain Protocol: Verus allows users to mine up to 22 blockchains on one device, increasing mining efficiency and profits. This feature sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies and makes it more attractive to miners.

  2. DeFi Integration: VRSC is used in DeFi tokens and currencies on the Verus mainchain, which means that holders of DeFi tokens indirectly earn fees when conversions occur between reserves. This adds another revenue stream for VRSC holders.

  3. VerusID Referrals: The VerusID referral system rewards users with VRSC for each identity created using their referral, up to three levels deep. This incentivizes users to promote the platform and increases adoption.

  1. Green Mining: Verus promotes a green mining revolution by allowing users to mine efficiently with lower energy consumption, making it more environmentally friendly.

  2. Independent Market: The launch of the Ethereum bridge and AMM has created a more liquid and independent market for VRSC, making it less susceptible to price manipulation by centralized exchanges.

  3. Fair Launch: Verus had no ICO, premine, or developer fees, ensuring that everyone had an equal opportunity to earn coins through mining and staking. This fair launch model contributes to the project's credibility.

These strengths collectively enhance the value proposition of VRSC and make it more appealing to investors and users.

Verus Coin's risks

Verus Coin (VRSC) is considered a high-risk investment by several sources. InvestorsObserver assigns a high risk score to VRSC, indicating that it is a relatively high-risk investment. This assessment is based on the proprietary scoring system, which calculates the amount of money required to move the price over the past 24 hours, along with changes in volume and market capitalization, to determine if a crypto can be easily manipulated by limited trading activity.

Additionally, Coincu describes VRSC as a high-risk investment with significant volatility, emphasizing that its future value is uncertain and speculative. Factors such as project updates, advancements in blockchain technology, and market conditions contribute to its growth potential, but also introduce risks. also notes that investing in VerusCoin comes with risks due to the volatility of crypto markets. The article highlights that cryptocurrency investments carry a high level of risk due to their volatile nature.

Overall, Verus Coin is considered a high-risk investment due to its potential for significant price fluctuations and the uncertainty of its future value.

Verus Coin
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Did Verus Coin raise funds?

Verus Coin
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Verus Coin’s team

  • Michael J. Toutonghi: Lead Developer, former Vice President and Technical Fellow at Microsoft, recognized founder and architect of Microsoft's .Net platform, ex-Technical Fellow of Microsoft's advertising platform, ex-CTO, Parallels Corporation, experienced distributed computing and machine learning architect.
  • Michael F. Toutonghi: Lead GUI Wallet Developer, responsible for setting new standards in cryptocurrency ease of use on both Mobile and Desktop.
  • Lex (Alex) English: Developer / Program Manager, involved in software development, system administration, and technical editing, and coordinates community operations.
  • Asher Dawes: Developer, automation expert responsible for maintaining builds and backend test systems across various platforms.
  • David Dawes: Developer, experienced in delivering successful products, including real-time financial engines, and ensures platform compatibility.
  • jl777: Advisor, lead developer of Komodo, Supernet, and Marketmaker behind Barterdex, providing technical and crypto-veteran insights.
  • Nicholas Lyons: Advisor, experienced in capital markets and private equity, with a background in technology and machine learning.
  • Oink: Community Support Lead, skilled in helping users overcome barriers in learning new technologies.
  • Max Theyse: Lead Design / Community Branding, experienced in creating products that use blockchain technology for decentralized structures.
  • Chris Monkins: Software Engineer, involved in mining software development and community mining and pool software.
  • rozo: Community Marketing Lead.
  • Diesmaster: GUI Developer.
  • MeanTime: Team member.
  • allbits: Team member.
  • Crupti: Team member.
  • SadykovT: Team member.
  • ok88: Team member.
  • nmnm: Team member.
  • Godballz: Team member.
  • Cragorn: Team member.
  • Letters: Team member.
  • SafeCoin: Team member.
  • Mekanine: Team member.
  • Lucivere: Team member.
  • Lyn: Team member.
  • grewalsatinder: Team member.
  • DudezMobi: Team member.
  • Alright: Team member.
  • Hellcatz: Team member.
  • SHossain: Team member.
  • zpajk: Team member.
  • LOUD Mining: Team member.
  • Thoskk: Team member.
  • santosthegreat: Team member.
  • バーコード: Team member.
  • Brian Day (a.k.a Nair Biad): Team member.
  • JessicaZartler: Team member.
  • JohnMcleod: Team member.
  • quipacorn: Team member.
  • nward: Team member.
  • stretcher83: Team member.
  • Hollowman: Team member.
  • FishyGuts: Team member.
  • DeckerSu: Team member.
  • aelder: Team member.
  • Paia: Team member.
  • Oliver Westbrook: Team member.
  • Ben O'Hanlon: Team member.
  • tango808: Team member.

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