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What is Whiteheart?

Whiteheart (WHITE) is a cryptocurrency token used in the Whiteheart ecosystem, an on-chain protocol built on top of Hegic. It primarily functions as a governance token, allowing holders to participate in decision-making processes and receive a share of the fees generated by the protocol. The Whiteheart platform provides hedge contracts to protect holders of ETH and WBTC against market volatility during a fixed period.

How is Whiteheart used?

The Whiteheart (WHITE) token is primarily used as a governance token within the Whiteheart ecosystem. Holders of WHITE tokens receive a share of the fees generated by the Whiteheart protocol, which is built on top of the Hegic protocol. This protocol provides on-chain hedging services, protecting users' holdings of Ethereum (ETH) and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) against market volatility during fixed periods through hedge contracts.

How do I store Whiteheart?

To store Whiteheart (WHITE) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Decentralized Wallet: After purchasing WHITE tokens, they will be automatically stored in your blockchain network wallet address. This ensures secure and decentralized storage.

  2. MetaMask: You can also add WHITE tokens to MetaMask by importing the contract address (0x5f0e628b693018f639d10e4a4f59bd4d8b2b6b44) manually or using MetaMask's chrome extension.

  3. Token Storage Methods: For physical token storage, users often employ various methods such as:

  • Binders: Organizing tokens alphabetically in small ultra pro binders for easy access.
  • Deck Boxes: Storing tokens with their respective decks or in separate boxes for easier retrieval.
  • Token Cases: Using clear, hard plastic cases for shared token storage and deck-specific storage.

These methods help keep your tokens organized and easily accessible for trading or other uses.

How to buy Whiteheart?

To buy Whiteheart (WHITE) tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Reliable Exchange: Find a trustworthy centralized exchange like Binance where you can purchase Whiteheart tokens.
  2. Use a Crypto Swap Platform: Alternatively, you can use a crypto swap platform like SwapSpace, which provides multiple exchange options with competitive rates and low fees.
  3. Set Up a Wallet: Ensure you have a Web3 crypto wallet like Metamask or an App wallet like Trust Wallet to store your tokens.
  4. Select a Pair: Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange, and enter the number of coins you want to swap.
  5. Transfer Funds: Send the exact amount to the provided address and receive the crypto in your wallet within minutes.
  6. Monitor Your Transaction: Track your swap using the swap tracker or contact support if needed.

Additionally, you can explore peer-to-peer marketplaces like Symlix, which offers various payment options and user-generated offers.

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History of Whiteheart

The history of Whiteheart (WHITE) is a significant aspect of understanding this cryptocurrency project. Whiteheart is an on-chain hedging protocol built on top of the Hegic protocol, which provides a new financial primitive called hedge contracts. These contracts are designed to automatically protect the value of users' holdings in Ethereum (ETH) and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) by buying and selling at-the-money put options on their behalf.

The Whiteheart project aims to provide a decentralized solution for users to hedge against market volatility, ensuring that the value of their assets is protected. This is achieved through the use of smart contracts that can automatically conduct the process of hedging, making it a more efficient and secure way to manage risk.

In terms of its market performance, Whiteheart has experienced significant price fluctuations. Its all-time high was recorded on November 27, 2023, at $10,296.89, and its all-time low was on June 18, 2022, at $57.96. The current market capitalization of Whiteheart stands at $52,309,744, with a circulating supply of 8,888 WHITE tokens.

Whiteheart has also gained popularity among users, with over 3,912 watchlists on CoinMarketCap, indicating a growing interest in the project. Additionally, the project has a rating of 3.2 based on two institutional ratings, reflecting a moderate level of confidence in its potential.

Overall, Whiteheart's history is marked by its innovative approach to on-chain hedging and its efforts to provide a secure and decentralized solution for managing risk in the cryptocurrency market.

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How Whiteheart works

Whiteheart (WHITE) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Hegic protocol. It is designed to provide on-chain hedging services to users, allowing them to protect the value of their assets in Ethereum and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC). This is achieved through a system of Ethereum smart contracts known as hedge contracts.

Hedge Contracts

Hedge contracts are a key component of the Whiteheart protocol. They automatically execute the process of hedging users' assets by buying and selling at-the-money put options. A put option is a financial instrument that gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to sell an asset at a fixed price during a specific period. In the context of Whiteheart, these put options are used to protect the value of users' assets by ensuring that the strike price of the option is equal to the market price of the asset, with a potential one percent spread.

Liquidity Providers

The liquidity for these hedge contracts is provided by liquidity providers who pool their funds on non-custodial smart contracts. These providers act as insurance sellers, offering protection against potential losses in the value of users' assets.

Trading and Exchanges

Whiteheart tokens can be traded on various exchanges, such as MEXC, SwapSpace, and KuCoin. These exchanges offer different trading options, including spot trading and futures trading, with varying fees and liquidity. Users can also exchange Whiteheart tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

Market Data

The market data for Whiteheart tokens includes metrics such as the 24-hour high and low prices, market capitalization, and circulating supply. This data is useful for investors and traders to make informed decisions about buying or selling Whiteheart tokens.

User Interface

The user interface for trading and exchanging Whiteheart tokens is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to easily select the cryptocurrencies they want to exchange, choose the best rates, and transfer funds to complete the transaction.

Overall, Whiteheart (WHITE) is a cryptocurrency that provides a unique service by automating the process of hedging assets through smart contracts, making it an attractive option for investors seeking to manage risk in the cryptocurrency market.

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Whiteheart's strengths

The token Whiteheart (WHITE) has several strengths that make it an attractive investment opportunity:

  1. Hedging Capabilities: Whiteheart's hedge contracts allow DeFi users to protect the value of their holdings in Ethereum (ETH) and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) by automatically buying and selling at-the-money put options. This feature provides a unique risk management tool for investors.

  2. Liquidity Pooling: The protocol pools liquidity from non-custodial smart contracts, which is provided by liquidity providers. These providers earn fees by acting as downside insurance sellers, ensuring that the protocol remains robust and reliable.

  3. Fee Distribution: The White token distributes fees pro-rata among staked tokens, providing a passive income stream for token holders. The distribution breakdown includes 30% for staked White tokens, 30% for liquidity providers, 20% for Hegic staking lots, and 20% for Hegic liquidity providers.

  1. Limited Supply: The total supply of White tokens is capped at 8,888, which can help maintain the token's value by limiting the potential for inflation.

  2. Predicted Growth: Price predictions suggest significant growth for the Whiteheart token in the coming years, with some forecasts indicating a potential increase of 228.27% by the end of 2026.

These strengths make Whiteheart an attractive option for investors seeking a token with robust risk management features and potential for long-term growth.

Whiteheart's risks

Whiteheart (WHITE) is a cryptocurrency project that offers on-chain hedging services through its hedge contracts. These contracts are designed to protect users' assets by automatically buying and selling put options to maintain the value of their holdings. The project operates on the Hegic protocol and uses liquidity pooled by providers to facilitate these transactions.

Despite its innovative approach, Whiteheart has been assessed as a high-risk investment by several analyses. InvestorsObserver, a prominent source for cryptocurrency risk assessments, has consistently given Whiteheart a high risk rating. This rating is based on the project's price volatility, market capitalization, and trading activity over a given period, indicating that the price can be easily manipulated by limited trading activity.

Additionally, the project's reliance on liquidity providers and the complexity of its hedging mechanisms may introduce further risks for investors. The distribution of fees among stakeholders, including liquidity providers and token holders, can also impact the project's financial stability and the value of the WHITE token.

Overall, while Whiteheart offers a unique solution for asset protection, its high risk rating and complex financial structure make it a potentially volatile investment.

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Did Whiteheart raise funds?

We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Whiteheart’s team

  • Molly Wintermute: The pseudonymous developer behind Hegic and Whiteheart, known for her central role in the creation, management, and eventual closure of Whiteheart.

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