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Wrapped Pulse


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What is Wrapped Pulse?

Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the PulseChain platform. It is a wrapped version of the native PLS token, allowing it to be used on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) where native coins are not supported. WPLS is traded on various DEXs, including PulseX, PulseX V2, and 9inch, and has a current supply of approximately 8.54 trillion tokens.

How is Wrapped Pulse used?

Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) is a token that allows users to utilize PulseChain (PLS) on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Here are the key ways WPLS is used:

  • Buying and Selling: WPLS can be bought and sold on various exchanges, including centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Users can purchase WPLS using fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies like USDT.
  • Trading Pairs: WPLS is available in trading pairs with other cryptocurrencies, such as HEX, on DEXs like Uniswap.
  • Centralized Exchanges: Users can store WPLS on CEXs, which provide easy access to trading features and manage private keys securely.
  • Non-Custodial Wallets: For enhanced security, users can store WPLS in non-custodial wallets, granting them full control over their private keys.
Earning Passive Income
  • Staking and Lending: WPLS can be used for staking and lending to earn passive income.
  • PulseChain Bridge: WPLS can be bridged from Ethereum to PulseChain, allowing users to transfer assets between the two networks.
Other Uses
  • Diversification: WPLS can be part of a diversified portfolio to minimize risks and maximize returns.

Overall, Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) provides a flexible and secure way to engage with PulseChain (PLS) on various platforms, facilitating trading, earning passive income, and bridging between networks.

How do I store Wrapped Pulse?

To store Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) tokens, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Crypto Wallet: Select a reliable crypto wallet that supports WPLS. Popular options include MetaMask, TrustWallet, and Coinbase Wallet. You can download the wallet extension on Google Chrome or the wallet app from the iOS App Store or Google Play.

  2. Set up your Wallet: Create an account, provide personal information, and select a strong password. You will be given a Secret Recovery Phrase or Seed Words, which you must note down carefully in case you lose your wallet.

  3. Add WPLS to your Wallet: If you already have WPLS tokens, you can add them to your wallet by copying the contract address from a reliable source, such as Etherscan, and pasting it into your wallet. Ensure you have the correct contract address to avoid scams.

By following these steps, you can securely store your Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) tokens in your chosen crypto wallet.

How to buy Wrapped Pulse?

To buy Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) tokens, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Centralized Exchange (CEX):

    • Select a reliable and trustworthy crypto exchange that supports Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) purchases.
    • Consider the ease of use, fee structure, and supported payment methods when choosing a crypto exchange.
  2. Create an Account:

    • Enter the required information and set a secure password.
    • Enable 2FA using Google Authenticator and other security settings to add an extra layer of security to your account.
  3. Verify Your Identity:

  • Complete KYC verification, which may require varying information based on your nationality and region.
  1. Add a Payment Method:

    • Follow the instructions provided by the exchange to add a credit/debit card, bank account, or other supported payment method.
  2. Buy Wrapped Pulse (WPLS):

    • Use fiat currency if supported, or first purchase a popular cryptocurrency like USDT and then exchange it for Wrapped Pulse (WPLS).

Alternatively, you can also use a crypto wallet to buy Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) directly or through a crypto-to-crypto exchange.

For decentralized exchanges, you can use platforms like Uniswap or PulseX, where you can buy, sell, and swap Wrapped Pulse tokens.

Wrapped Pulse
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History of Wrapped Pulse

Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) is a cryptocurrency that has experienced significant price fluctuations throughout its history. The all-time high for WPLS was recorded on May 22, 2023, at $0.0002836, and the all-time low was on August 27, 2023, at $0.00003325.

The current price of WPLS is $0.00004963, which is 82.5% lower than its all-time high and 49.26% higher than its all-time low. The price performance of WPLS has been erratic, with significant highs and lows. In the last 24 hours, the price has changed by 1.82%, and the trading volume has increased by 11.36%.

Historical data for WPLS can be accessed through various sources, including CoinMarketCap, FX Empire, and Yahoo Finance, which provide detailed price charts and trading volume information.

Wrapped Pulse
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How Wrapped Pulse works

Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) is a token that allows users to utilize PulseChain (PLS) on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap. This is necessary because DEXs cannot directly handle native coins like PLS or Ethereum (ETH). To overcome this limitation, these native coins are "wrapped" as tokens, making them compatible with DEXs.

Wrapping Process

The wrapping process involves converting the native coin, in this case, PLS, into a token that adheres to a specific standard, such as PRC-20. This token, WPLS, can then be used on DEXs, enabling users to trade and swap it with other tokens. For example, Uniswap uses wrapped Ethereum (wETH) instead of native ETH for its swaps.

Benefits and Use Cases

Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) offers several benefits and use cases:

  1. Trading on DEXs: WPLS allows users to trade PLS on DEXs, which is not possible with native PLS. This expands the trading options and liquidity for PLS holders.

  2. Bridging: WPLS can be used to bridge PLS from the PulseChain network to other networks, such as Ethereum, facilitating the transfer of assets between different blockchain ecosystems.

  3. Storing and Managing: WPLS can be stored on exchanges or in non-custodial wallets, providing users with control over their assets and the ability to engage in various activities like staking and lending.

  1. Buying and Selling: WPLS can be bought and sold on various exchanges, both centralized and decentralized, making it accessible to a broader range of users.
Key Features and Statistics
  • Supply: Wrapped Pulse has a current supply of approximately 8.54 trillion tokens.
  • Price: The last known price of WPLS is around $0.00004909 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $8 million.
  • Market Availability: WPLS is listed on 249 active markets, indicating its widespread availability.

In summary, Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) is a tokenized version of PulseChain (PLS) that enables its use on decentralized exchanges, expands trading options, and facilitates the transfer of assets between different blockchain networks.

Wrapped Pulse
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Wrapped Pulse's strengths

Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) has several strengths:

  1. Positive Price Forecast: The short-term price forecast for WPLS is positive, indicating an expected increase in value in the coming months. This could make it an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on potential price growth.

  2. Increased Trading Volume: WPLS has seen significant trading volume, with $8,068,012 traded over the last 24 hours, indicating a high level of market activity and liquidity.

  3. Wide Availability: Wrapped Pulse is currently trading on 249 active markets, making it easily accessible to investors and traders.

  1. Flexibility in Use: WPLS can be used on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) where native coins like PLS or ETH are not supported, providing an alternative for users who want to trade these assets.

  2. Potential for Lending: WPLS holders can earn interest by lending their holdings, typically around 5% APR, providing an additional source of income.

These strengths highlight the potential benefits and versatility of Wrapped Pulse, making it a notable asset in the cryptocurrency market.

Wrapped Pulse's risks

Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) carries several risks, including:

  1. Counterparty Risk: The entities involved in managing the underlying collateral assets may fail to fulfill their obligations, which can impact the value of WPLS.

  2. Centralisation Risk: WPLS may be issued by a central authority, which can lead to a lack of decentralisation and potential vulnerabilities.

  3. Regulatory Risks: New laws or regulations may restrict or prohibit WPLS, its issuance, trading, or redemption, affecting its value and usability.

  1. Technical Risks: Smart contract bugs, hacking attempts, network congestion, or other technical issues can impact WPLS and the blockchains it trades on.

  2. Volatility: WPLS is a high-risk investment with significant volatility, and its value can drop quickly.

  3. Lack of Protection: Investments in WPLS are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

  1. Market Risks: The ability to sell WPLS depends on market conditions, and there is no guarantee that it can be easily sold at any given time.

  2. Operational Risks: Technology outages, cyber-attacks, and other operational failings can cause delays and difficulties in selling WPLS.

  3. Complexity: Investments in WPLS can be complex and difficult to understand, making it challenging to assess the associated risks.

  1. Market Demand: The success of WPLS depends on market demand, user adoption, and competition from similar platforms, which can impact its value.

It is essential to carefully consider these risks and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions in WPLS.

Wrapped Pulse
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Did Wrapped Pulse raise funds?

Wrapped Pulse
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Wrapped Pulse's ecosystem

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Wrapped Pulse
We give you the tools to invest your time and money in 1000+ tokens.

Wrapped Pulse’s team

  • Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) Team: The team behind Wrapped Pulse (WPLS) includes:
    • Admin (Reddit): Provides information about WPLS, explaining that it is PLS wrapped as a PRC-20 token for use on DEXs.
    • MOD (Reddit): Participates in discussions about WPLS, clarifying its purpose and functionality.

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