Bilal El Alamy (PyratzLabs): "Web3 needs its ChatGPT".

Bilal El Alamy (PyratzLabs): "Web3 needs its ChatGPT".

‍Co-founder of start-up studio PyratzLabs, the French entrepreneur wants to build more bridges with the traditional economy. He believes that Web3 needs concrete cases to reach the general public.

The Big Whale: Paris has just hosted Paris Blockchain Week and NFT Paris in the space of a month, which are two major Web3 events. What do you think of them?

Bilal El Alamy: It's an excellent thing. The two events are very different. NFT Paris is more geared towards individuals, whereas PBW has really become an event dedicated to businesses.

But overall what's interesting is that these events and the thousands of people they attract are putting Paris at the centre of the global ecosystem 🌍.

Just how do you see the French ecosystem, and more broadly the European ecosystem? We're in a period that's not easy...

We've clearly lived through an extraordinary period with a lot of money, projects, promises and abuses. The scandals of 2022 sounded the end of the playground and left a bitter taste in the mouths of many.

The FTX crash hurt the sector like crazy. Right now, we're still in the period where things are winding down, but we need to react quickly collectively so that the bitterness is temporary.

How to go about it?

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