"Forever Supper: the NFT collection for June

"Forever Supper: the NFT collection for June

Each month, The Big Whale will be analysing a collection of NFTs. For this second survey, NFT analyst Konohime* has chosen to look at Forever Supper, which is one of the collections of the generative art platform Async Art.

Too often scorned, generative art has made a place for itself in the world of NFTs, and one of its best ambassadors, rather ambassadress, is the platform Async Art.

Created in 2020 by a collective of artists and entrepreneurs, its aim is to allow collectors to modify the artists' final work. The first NFT created on the platform was "First Supper", a collaboration between 13 artists (Josie, Hackatao, Alotta Money, XCOPY to name but a few). Three years later, Async relaunched the idea of a collaboration with the "Forever Supper" collection, which is directly inspired by its predecessor: "First Supper".

But first, how does Async Art work?

The main concept of Async Art is to use several layers of NFTs on a base and give collectors the choice of transforming the work on higher layers before the final rendering. There are different types of layers, and some like the "classics" change automatically depending on the time of day.

Other layers are a little more special like "Right Place & Right Time (Bitcoin Hourly Price Offset)" by Matt Kane, which change depending on the price of Bitcoin over the last 24 hours or "EthBoy" by Trevor Jones and Alotta Money, which change according to the price of Ether.

In 2021, Async Art took the experiment to the musical side by offering musicians the chance to create audio masters as well as musical extracts to collect. Collectors can compose their tracks and once they are satisfied, they can mint the composed track into NFTs of different rarities (silver, gold and platinum) to in a way, create virtual CDs!

The musical experiment was taken a step further at a concert in Vienna, where the NFTune artist collective recorded a "NFT concert" led by Dalibor Karvay with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and members of the Strauss Capelle Vienna and Volksoper orchestras.

What about the new Forever Supper collection?

After experimenting with visual and musical generative NFT collections, Async Art has broken new ground again in 2023 with a new kind of collection: Forever Supper. Inspired by all the previous ones, this collection allows you to create your own Supper with a free main base, and by adding extensions from different artists on the platform.

A new feature has appeared on this new collection: a discussion space on each Supper.

Anyone with an account on Async Art can leave a rating on updates to each NFT and engage in dialogue with other collectors. With this little feature, Async Art is opening the doors to a more social aspect of its platform to further strengthen the bond between artists and collectors.

(*) Author owns NFTs in collection

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