Influencers Act: "The idea is not to ban talking about crypto-assets"

Influencers Act: "The idea is not to ban talking about crypto-assets"

‍The PS MP for Calvados, Arthur Delaporte, is preparing to defend a long-awaited bill to regulate the practices of influencers, particularly crypto. In an interview with The Big Whale, he explains his approach.

The Big Whale: You've been working on this bill for weeks. What stage has it reached?

The bill has been tabled and will be examined by the Economic Affairs Committee on 22 March. It will then be debated in a public session at the National Assembly on 28 and 29 March.

This proposal is presented by Stéphane Vojetta (Renaissance deputy for the French abroad) and myself. It has also received the support of the government.

Should we expect the text to evolve significantly during its examination?

There should be a number of changes resulting from the reflections of the cross-party working group (excluding RN, editor's note) that we initiated. It could be a marginal rewrite, but the philosophy will remain the same. The government will also be able to make a few adjustments.

How do you define an influencer?

It's anyone who seeks to have an influence on consumers while being paid by a brand to do so, whether directly or indirectly, i.e. with money or via benefits in kind.

What is the aim of this proposed law?

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