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CoinLegacy aims to help crypto holders to protect their recovery seed phrases against lost, damages, theft and death.


A. WHAT IS COINLEGACY RECOVERY KIT? CoinLegacy Recovery Kit is an innovative solution designed to enhance the security of your crypto recovery seed phrase by dividing the information required to access your wallet into two separate pieces: 1. A unique and randomly generated wordlist containing the BIP-39 standard list of 2048 words used to create seed phrases. 2. A set of indexes that acts as a map, indicating the position of each word that constitutes your recovery seed phrase in the wordlist. Basically, it works like the "battlefield game"! B. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. Print multiple copies of your BIP-39 wordlist and store them in several separate and secure locations (home, partent's house, safe deposit box in a bank...). 2. Write down the set of indexes that correspond to each word of your recovery seed phrase in the wordlist. Store them securely in a password manager. 3. When you need to restore your wallet, simply use your set of indexes and your BIP-39 wordlist to retrieve your seed phrase and regain access to all your assets! C. WHY CHOOSE COINLEGACY RECOVERY KIT? 1. Remain Self-sovereign: each recovery kit is unique. It is your BIP39 Wordlist and only yours. Even CoinLegacy has no access to it. 2. Eliminate single point of failure: both your BIP-39 Wordlist and Secret Code are required to access your assets, but never stored together. 3. Keep intruders in the dark with fragmented secrets scheme: two critical components shield your seed phrase, and each part alone is useless to an attacker. 4. Prevent hacking and phishing attacks: store at least one part offline and remain fully protected against cyber attacks. 5. Make your assets always recoverable, even after death: share your BIP-39 wordlist with your loved ones and include their names and your Secret Code in your will ❤️ 6. The smartest and cheapest solution on the market: secure all your recovery seed phrases of all your wallets, for only 4.90€!

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