Ledger Stax: after more than a year's delay, they're here!

Ledger Stax: after more than a year's delay, they're here!

The French unicorn has begun delivering to customers who pre-ordered the digital wallet. New orders will open this summer, but at a higher price than the initial €279.

It's a new page turning for Ledger. After more than a year's delay and rampant criticism, the global leader in digital asset custody has finally started shipping its new digital wallets, Ledger Stax. The new product had been unveiled with great fanfare in Paris in December 2022.

"The first ones have gone," confirms Ian Rogers, Ledger's Chief Experience Officer, in an exclusive interview with The Big Whale.

These deliveries currently only concern the Stax that were pre-ordered a year ago, says Ian Rogers. Deliveries are expected to last throughout June.

New orders, meanwhile, will be open from July, but at a higher price than the €279 for pre-orders.

The first secure touchscreen

This price increase is due to the complexity of the product. "The Stax was more complicated than expected to manufacture, especially the screen," explains Ian Rogers, causing cascading delays. "That's what sometimes happens when you innovate, but we've managed to see it through and come out with this product, which is a small revolution," he explains.

How much will the new Stax be? Ledger declined to say, but the company, which also declined to comment on its commercial ambitions, claims that manufacturing issues have been resolved and that the Stax is the first product in history to feature a secure touchscreen.

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