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Stables is the only horse racing Fantasy Game where each NFT is linked to a real racehorse.


Your favorite horse evokes a wave of emotions as it approaches the final turn of the race, and the hope of victory awakens within you. Did you think that such sensations were only reserved for racetracks? Stables is here to let you experience the thrill, wherever you are.

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Stables, a strategy game that rewards the performances of your horses in the game

Owning a Stables horse allows you to be the owner of a racehorse, on the blockchain, to win S-Points in our game. We have developed advanced race simulation algorithms by exploiting PMU race data from the last 20 years. This allows players to have an intense gaming experience where the best strategies make it possible to progress their horse and obtain rewards. This strategy game makes any horse a potential future champion regardless of its results on the racetrack.

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Stables, a strategy game that rewards the performances of your horses in the game
Stables, a fantasy game that rewards the real performances of your horses

Owning a Stables horse allows you to be the owner of the digital twin of a racehorse, on the blockchain, to earn S-Points when it performs in racetrack races.

Our Stables Points distribution system (the currency of our game) reflects the real performances of your horse throughout the year.

Stables, a fantasy game that rewards the real performances of your horses

Questions fréquentes

What do I gain on Stables?

Stables allows you to earn S-points, the in-game currency, based on the results of your horses in real and virtual races. We explain all of this in detail in our lite paper. S-points will soon be exchangeable, and we keep our community informed of developments in this regard.
We also provide unique experiences to our Racers, inviting them to VIP experiences in French racetracks and offering gifts in the form of merchandise and other benefits to reward and celebrate their expertise. You can learn more about those rewards in this article.

What are Stables' main achievements?

In March 2023, Stables sold a total of 6,666 NFTs in 72 hours, each priced at €99 (equivalent to 93 XTZ). This first SOLD OUT drop engaged a community of Racers ready to compete in our game.
In June 2023, the Inaugural Race marked the game's launch and brought together over 5,500 horses, representing 83% of the available horses in the game.
In September 2023, with 21,073 horses registered in its monthly races, Stables surpassed the number of horses registered monthly on the racetrack, which averages around 18,333 horses.
In the Fall of 2023, we launched our first season with 26 races and many innovations in the game.
In 2024, we continue our momentum in game development and creating experiences for our community. We invite you to discover our calendar to explore our future projects.

What technologies does Stables use?

Stables relies on Web3 and Gaming technologies to create a unique experience for Racers.
For Web3, we use the Tezos blockchain, a secure, sustainable, and energy-efficient blockchain. It is an evolving blockchain, updated every 6 months, developing a compatibility logic with other chains like Ethereum. You can learn more about Tezos in this article.
For gaming, our team has leveraged data from the last 20 years of PMU races to develop algorithms that simulate Stables races. These algorithms are continually enriched and trained to integrate new game parameters such as distances, grounds, and strategies. They allow us to offer a racing game with an unmatched strategic depth, and our interface best supports Racers in their choice of game strategies.

How to play Stables?

Stables is a game accessible to everyone. To join our community and become a Racer, explore our tutorial that details how to start in our game and own horses.
Once ready, you can register to various races, from training sessions to evolve your horse to those allowing you to earn S-points and other rewards. Your ability to find a game strategy that enhances your horse's attributes and meets the race requirements is crucial in the game. Make the right choices to become the best Racer in the community!
To heighten your emotions and chances of victory, each race run by your horses in real life also earns you S-points based on their results.

What is Stables?

Stables is the first and only gaming universe based on real racehorses. The game combines the intensity of horse racing with the endless possibilities of Web3 and gaming. To achieve this, we are building a simulation that enhances the excitement of horse racing. Members of our community, the Racers, own unique digital horses whose performances are rewarded, both on real racetracks and in the game. It's your power to choose the right strategy to dominate your opponents during the millions of races held in the Equiverse.

Who is behind Stables?

Stables brings together talents from various backgrounds, including Web3 experts, entrepreneurs, and professionals from the horse racing world. Stables is developed by the Pari mutuel urbain (PMU), one of the global leaders in horse betting, in collaboration with 321founded, a French company specialized in startup incubation.

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