Understand - Article 1
A natural evolution in the face of the challenges of modern video games
Understand - Article 3
The advantages of Web3 gaming
Understand - Article 4
The challenges of Web3 gaming
Understand - Article 5
The evolution of gaming business models
Challenges - Article 6
Innovative new models made possible by blockchain
Challenges - Article 7
Sorare, the symbol of an entire sector
Challenges - Article 8
Brian O'Hagan (Sorare): "There has been huge inflation in image rights in 2021-2022"
Challenges - Article 9
Constantin Garreau (Stables): "It's good for PMU to take risks".
Challenges - Article 10
Gaming Web3: a flourishing ecosystem
Challenges - Article 11
Beyond Sorare, 5 games that left their mark
Challenges - Article 12
Julien Bouteloup (BlackPool): "Fantasy games have the model best suited to Web3".
Challenges - Article 13
Sébastien Borget (The Sandbox): "We need to focus on attractive gaming experiences".
Perspectives - Article 14
Account abstraction: the miracle solution for the general public?
Perspectives - Article 15
Jérôme de Tychey (Cometh): "We have developed solutions for the general public".
Perspectives - Article 16
Jonum: a regulatory framework for experimentation
Perspectives - Article 17
William O'Rorke (ORWL Avocats): "Not everyone can become a Jonum".
Perspectives - Article 18
The position of the traditional gaming giants
Perspectives - Article 19
Nicolas Pouard (Ubisoft): "We're exploring in real-life conditions".
Perspectives - Article 20
Conclusion & thanks : Playing should always be fun!

Conclusion & thanks : Playing should always be fun!

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Conclusion & thanks : Playing should always be fun!

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There's no doubt about it, the Web3 gaming world represents an exciting revolution that merges blockchain technology with the video game industry. But everything is still far from perfect, which is only to be expected when you look at the age of this emerging sector.

It's important to note that Web3 gaming start-ups are still rare in having the experience of traditional game developers. This underlines the need for collaboration between the two worlds to ensure the success of this new era of gaming. For the future of Web3 video games seems closely linked to its adoption by the giants of the industry, such as Ubisoft.

However, certain "pure players" are emerging and are the only ones with the ability to explore the use of blockchain in depth, whether vis-à-vis open worlds or on the opportunity to develop 100% of an on-chain game.

It is also essential to remember that, beyond technology and innovation, the main mission of video games is to provide entertainment. This mission must remain at the heart of every creation, whether blockchain-related or not. Playing must remain a pleasure!

Finally, it should be noted that France has taken a leading position in the development of the regulatory framework surrounding Web3 games. This initiative demonstrates the country's commitment to fostering a safe and secure environment for players, while encouraging innovation in this promising field. It remains to be seen whether this will be borne out in practice, as many gaming players reject being equated with gambling.


Stanislas Barthélémi - crypto expert KPMG

Julien Bouteloup - CEO Stake Capital / BlackPool

Sébastien Borget - CEO The Sandbox

Sami Chlagou - CEO Cross The Ages

Constantin Garreau - PMU Group Innovation Director (in charge of Stables)

Maxime Hagenbourger - CEO Podium (Sorare Data)

Alexandre Karako - Head of investments PyratzLabs

Yoni Lasry - lawyer (ex-.Voodoo blockchain lead)

Itamar Lesuisse - CEO Argent

Henri Lieautaud - Developer Relations Officer StarkNet

Brian O'Hagan - Brand director football Sorare

William O'Rorke - Partner Lawyer ORWL

Nicolas Pouard - Director of Ubisoft's Innovation Lab

Jérôme de Tychey - CEO Cometh

This report was designed by The Big Whale's research department and under the direction of Grégory Raymond.

Graphic design: Céline Robin