Understand - Article 1
Introduction to tokenisation
Understand - Article 2
Understanding: what is tokenisation?
Understand - Article 3
Opportunities in figures
Understand - Article 4
Interview Victor Busson [Taurus]
Challenges - Article 5
The benefits of tokenisation
Challenges - Article 6
The challenges of tokenisation
Challenges - Article 7
A huge number of opportunities_.
Challenges - Article 8
5 relevant tokenisation projects
Perspectives - Article 9
Tokenisation players to watch
Perspectives - Article 10
Why are banks so keen on tokenisation?
Perspectives - Article 11
Interview : Jean-Marc Stenger [SG-Forge] [FR
Perspectives - Article 12
European pilot scheme: a unique experimental framework
Perspectives - Article 13
Interview with Flavio Restelli: Flavio Restelli [KPMG]
Perspectives - Article 14
The missing link between TradFi and DeFi
Perspectives - Article 15
The potential to make markets more inclusive, efficient and resilient

Opportunities in figures

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Opportunities in figures

Among institutional and high-income investors:

  • 77% have already invested in tokenised assets, plan to invest in tokenised assets or want to learn more about tokenised assets
  • 55% plan to invest in tokenised assets in 2023 or 2024
  • 5.6%: share of tokenised assets in institutional investors' portfolios by 2026 
  • 8.6%: share of tokenised assets in the portfolio of high-income investors by 2026

Main criteria in favour of tokenisation put forward by institutional and high-income investors:

  1. Improved liquidity
  2. Lower fees
  3. Better returns
  4. Improved transparency

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