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Considerable potential to transform the energy market
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Considerable potential to transform the energy market

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Considerable potential to transform the energy market

Since its emergence, blockchain technology has attracted growing interest in a variety of sectors, not least energy. Recognised for its ability to make transactions secure and transparent without the need for an intermediary, it offers considerable potential to transform the energy market. In theory, blockchain could encourage more efficient energy distribution and promote the production and consumption of renewable energies. But that's the theory, because the promises have been slow to materialise.

One of the main criticisms levelled at the integration of blockchain into the energy transition concerns greenwashing. Many initiatives have been launched with much fanfare but few have actually contributed to a sustainable energy transition or offered real innovation. This trend has raised questions about the viability and authenticity of blockchain projects in the energy sector.

However, the landscape is beginning to change. With the growing maturity of the blockchain sector and the commitment of leading players, such as energy giant EDF through its Exaion subsidiary, which specialises in blockchain solutions and cloud infrastructure, or Société Générale via its Forge subsidiary, there are promising prospects.

This report proposes to explore the potential of blockchain to meet the challenges of the energy transition, examining the opportunities and, above all, highlighting the solid projects and promising initiatives that are redefining the energy landscape for a greener and more sustainable future.

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