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The Ocean: a trusted platform serving the ecosystem

The Ocean: a trusted platform serving the ecosystem

The Ocean: a trusted platform serving the ecosystem

The Big Whale launched in 2022 with a clear goal: to drive the adoption of cryptos. We're all fascinated by the innovations and entrepreneurs in the sector, but also admit that this new world isn't the easiest to navigate, especially for those who don't have the codes.

We started our adventure with what seemed the most obvious and what we know how to do best: processing information. Louis, Grégory and Raphaël have been processing crypto information since 2017, and put all the rigour that the sector is entitled to demand into it.

Quality information is essential to create trust and thus encourage adoption. But this information, with investigation and reporting, essential though it is, is not enough.

In a fledgling sector, where communication can sometimes take precedence over everything else, our ecosystem also, and above all, needs standards. How many times have we been asked, "What is this project worth? Is this service reliable? And so many other questions.

It is precisely to provide the beginnings of an answer to these questions that we created The Ocean platform, which today brings together more than 500 companies.

Let's be clear, The Ocean will not have the answer to everything, indeed no one has the answer to everything. On the other hand, it can provide a better understanding of the ecosystem, help with research into projects, and thus help the best of them to emerge.

Where are we today? Any project can register for free on The Ocean and be listed on the platform with a dedicated page. This page contains all the information about the projects (date of creation, nationality).

To go a step further, we recently launched The Ocean Pro, which allows companies to fill in more information and, in return, be promoted on the platform.

We're going to continue to develop The Ocean in the coming months, particularly with experiments around artificial intelligence. The aim is to succeed in supplementing the information available and to initiate project analysis.

The Ocean is still in its infancy, but we are convinced, especially with your help, that it can become a very useful tool for continuing to achieve our shared mission: to foster the adoption of cryptos.

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