Understand - Article 1
Introduction to tokenisation
Understand - Article 2
Understanding: what is tokenisation?
Understand - Article 3
Opportunities in figures
Understand - Article 4
Interview Victor Busson [Taurus]
Challenges - Article 5
The benefits of tokenisation
Challenges - Article 6
The challenges of tokenisation
Challenges - Article 7
A huge number of opportunities_.
Challenges - Article 8
5 relevant tokenisation projects
Perspectives - Article 9
Tokenisation players to watch
Perspectives - Article 10
Why are banks so keen on tokenisation?
Perspectives - Article 11
Interview : Jean-Marc Stenger [SG-Forge] [FR
Perspectives - Article 12
European pilot scheme: a unique experimental framework
Perspectives - Article 13
Interview with Flavio Restelli: Flavio Restelli [KPMG]
Perspectives - Article 14
The missing link between TradFi and DeFi
Perspectives - Article 15
The potential to make markets more inclusive, efficient and resilient

The potential to make markets more inclusive, efficient and resilient

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The potential to make markets more inclusive, efficient and resilient

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The tokenisation of finance represents a major revolution in the way assets are created, traded and managed. This process, which involves digitising the rights to an asset in the form of tokens on a blockchain, paves the way for greater democratisation of financial markets, while offering enhanced operational efficiency, transparency and security. 

However, tokenisation does not come without challenges. Regulation, which is still evolving, must strike a balance between protecting investors and facilitating innovation.
The EU pilot regime is a major global step forward, but there are many barriers to players wishing to launch marketplaces. 

We will need to ensure that the cursor is correctly placed to allow the first initiatives to develop. 

The technology issue will also be key: multiplying isolated initiatives with different standards will not work with an environment that is intended to be interoperable. 

In addition, the underlying technology, while secure, is not immune to flaws or attacks, which requires constant vigilance. 

If adopted thoughtfully and responsibly, tokenisation has the potential to make markets more inclusive, efficient and resilient. As we continue to explore its implications and applications, it is essential to place education, regulation and innovation at the heart of this transformation 


Jérémie Becache 

[Sales Director France, Fireblocks] 

Lamine Brahimi 

[CEO Taurus] 

Victor Busson 

[CMO Taurus] 

Geneviève Douhet 

[Head of innovation for transactions
and payment services at Société Générale] _ 

Paul Frambot 

[CEO Morpho Labs] 

Mark Kepeneghian 

[CEO Kriptown] 

Matthieu Lucchesi 

[Counsel, Gide] 

Flavio Restelli 

[KPMG consultant] 

Jean-Marc Stenger 

[CEO SG-Forge] 

Alexander Tollast 

[Counsel, Clifford Chance] 

Pablo Veyrat 

[CEO Angle Labs]